The eclipse in Achimota, Ghana.


The moon appeared from somewhere behind the sun, with a steady gait, like a predator snaring a prey. Its shadow was cast above the expanse of this part of the earth, raising fear and amazement.

The shadow was now getting darker, as if the moon was going to lock the sun in a slow but steady embrace. My heart rose in fright, the feeling the eclipse aroused in me.  What if the darkness never passes away? What if we were entering another phase of our existence on earth? What if the sky collapses on us? What if the heat from the sun melts the moon and rains hot particles on the surface of the earth?

The moon eventually had its way with the sun, covering the innocent sun with a darkness that made it impossible to reach the lovable humans below. I felt heartbroken; I imagined the scenario as a man trying to have forceful sex with his wife. Or a boss taking advantage of a female subordinate.

By now everybody was outside, looking up with smoked glasses to catch a glimpse of the occasional phenomenon.  I was happy to witness the eclipse, and on my birthday too. It was the solar eclipse, such a beautiful art, two natural bodies exchanging pleasantries.

Steady for some minutes, the sun and the moon conversed, like a meeting of the gods, taking urgent decisions.  Everywhere was quiet, and for a while, normalcy was instilled on the world. I could only hear voices of women far away, calling their children. Dogs weren’t barking, cars weren’t horning. Who cast this fine spell on us?

Now people were explaining what was happening to others. Some people didn’t even know what an eclipse was, and that it was set to happen today.  People were scared, I could perceive.

As the moon slowly moved away, the sunlight splashed somewhere on the horizon, carrying hope in its rays, an image of resuscitation after a ruin. I heard a church band playing in the distance, am sure some of the people in the church were there because of fright, maybe the eclipse might turn into something else, like rapture. I even heard some pastors said it was a warning to mankind. The churches would surely make huge profit from that.

And then the sun emerged, strong, bright, smiling; of victory, of success after a failure, of freedom after torture. It felt as if the world had undergone a cleansing process, coming out new, innocent and ready to love, make peace and end the tales of war that has besieged televisions and radios.

So we emerged from the eclipse, like a people willing to start life anew, in peace, and rekindled comradeship. If only we could assume this was a chance to heal our wounds and paddle on, and build goals in the smiles of one another.

How was it in your area?

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